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Lavigato ranges from series of personalized haircare products suitable for salon as well as personal home therapy. Hair therapist in salon provides customized consultation including analyzing your hair and scalp to help you selecting the most suitable haircare series.


We believe healthy scalp is the root cause to grow healthy, smooth hair. Lavigato in salon brings in relaxing ambience, take a break and pamper yourself experiencing the luxury Lavigato haircare series.


Creating your well-being story, turning a new page in hair history with Lavigato.




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Lavigato, focuses on quality, safe, affordable haircare products which achieves significant results. Therefore, our international team of research & development are fully committed to excellence, developed with the above intention and also respect for our environment by using high grade and natural ingredients. We believe healthy scalp is the root cause to grow healthy, smooth hair. But don’t only take our word for it, find out what others has to say.






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Awakening Hair loss Prevention & Hair Regrowth - Reviews & Testimonial.






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Lavigato has been in the market for more than 10 years. We have helped countless of clients solve their hair loss and scalp problems with proven result. Every time we listen to the joyful sharing of customer's success stories, we feel very gratified.