Through Nature and Science
Lavigato haircare is formulated from various herbs and plant extracts, specially designed with SLES free to improve your hair scalp magnifying natural hair beauty. Take a break and pamper yourself experiencing the luxury Lavigato haircare series. Creating your well-being story, turning a new page in hair history with Lavigato.

Awakening Hair Growth Home Therapy
Enjoy Hair Growth Therapy at home with our
Award-Winning Home Therapy.



'We believe a healthy scalp is the root cause of growing healthy, smooth hair.'




A Hair oil that you never want to miss!
Smooth your day with a few drops of Lavi.OIL. To calm the frizzy ends, strong detangling, Nourishing and Beautifying your hair. Start creating your beautiful hair journey with our Award-Winning Hair Oil.


Hair & Scalp Expert | Mr. Felix Lee
Co-founder of Solaio SalonSpa and Brand Consultant of Lavigato. Mr Felix has dedicated his professional experience and passion for the hairdressing industry for more than 20 years.

He has been invited as a trainer, consultant, and speaker to various corporate and show events. He has also been invited as an Art Director to different programs, including drama, stage plays, movies, as well as Selangor Fashion Week (SFW) and so on. Besides hair design, Mr Felix also has more than ten years' experience in the Hair and Scalp Spa industries.

He pioneered the Scalp Spa training program in 2010; simultaneously, he named the treatment as Scalp Spa, which is now one of the signature treatments available at Solaio SalonSpa.
Lavigato x MMHA | #WeCare

We always believe in healthy life, not only physically but also mentally.

Through out the years, we are always sharing information about how important mental health is, and especially during this period of time.

There is always light, light of HOPE!